Dynamic Light Scattering/Zeta Potential
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Dynamic Light Scattering/Zeta Potential

روش پراکندگی نور دینامیکی (DLS) مجهز به تیترومتر
اندازه‌گیری پتانسیل زتا

Model: SZ-100z Dynamic Light Scattering & Zeta potential analyzer , company: Horiba Jobin Jyovin

HORIBA SZ100 Z Product Specifications:Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyzer· Range: 0.3nm to 8 microns· Theory: Dynamic Light Scattering· Light source: solid state laser diode, 532nm, 10mW· Detectors: 3 Photomultipliers tubes, (2 for size (rear/side PMT), 1 for Zeta measurements (Forward PMT))· Measurement Temperature range: 1-90 degrees C· Sample concentration range: (*depends on sample scattering properties and size)· From 0.1ml/mg for lysozyme, 3nm· 10% in weight for latex at 100nm. Size Specifications. Principle: Photon correlation spectroscopy method .Molecular weight: Debye plot method (static light scattering) Optical configuration:· 2 angles of detection: Backscattering, 173° (for medium or high concentrated samples) and 90° (for low concentrated samples)· 2 focalisation points for backscattering angle (173°): On the wall OR on the center of the cell to cover larger concentration .range· Automated adjustment of the best angle and focalisation point ,

Measurement cells:Minimum volume required: 12μl Removable sample cuvettes for easy cleaning or use of disposable cuvettes (standard volume 1.2ml)· Large diversity of cells and volumes (glass, quartz from 12μl to 1.2ml)· Accuracy: +/-2% on NIST traceable 100nm latex·Zeta Specifications:·Principle: Laser Doppler electrophoresis· Measurement voltage range: -200 / +200mV· Zeta cells with disposable electrodes: Volume required 100μl· Standard electrode coated with carbon for higher lifetime (can be reused several times)

همچنین دستگاه DLS  در این آزمایشگاه مجهز به  تیترومتر برای اندازه گیزی ZETA در تغییرات PH می باشد.

هزینه انجام هر آنالیز DLS هشتادهزار تومان میباشد.

هزینه انجام هر آنالیز Zeta هشتادهزار تومان میباشد.

هزینه انجام آنالیز DLS و Zeta بصورت همزمان 140هزار تومان میباشد.

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