Dynamic Light Scattering
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Dynamic Light Scattering

روش پراکندگی نور دینامیکی (DLS) برای مطالعه اندازه نانوذرات

Model: SZ-100z Dynamic Light Scattering & Zeta potential analyzer , company: Horiba Jobin Jyovin

HORIBA SZ100 Z Product Specifications:Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyzer· Range: 0.3nm to 8 microns· Theory: Dynamic Light Scattering· Light source: solid state laser diode, 532nm, 10mW· Detectors: 3 Photomultipliers tubes, (2 for size (rear/side PMT), 1 for Zeta measurements (Forward PMT))· Measurement Temperature range: 1-90 degrees C· Sample concentration range: (*depends on sample scattering properties and size)· From 0.1ml/mg for lysozyme, 3nm· 10% in weight for latex at 100nm. Size Specifications. Principle: Photon correlation spectroscopy method .Molecular weight: Debye plot method (static light scattering) Optical configuration:· 2 angles of detection: Backscattering, 173° (for medium or high concentrated samples) and 90° (for low concentrated samples)· 2 focalisation points for backscattering angle (173°): On the wall OR on the center of the cell to cover larger concentration .range· Automated adjustment of the best angle and focalisation point ,

Measurement cells:Minimum volume required: 12μl Removable sample cuvettes for easy cleaning or use of disposable cuvettes (standard volume 1.2ml)· Large diversity of cells and volumes (glass, quartz from 12μl to 1.2ml)· Accuracy: +/-2% on NIST traceable 100nm latex·Zeta Specifications:·Principle: Laser Doppler electrophoresis· Measurement voltage range: -200 / +200mV· Zeta cells with disposable electrodes: Volume required 100μl· Standard electrode coated with carbon for higher lifetime (can be reused several times)